I have received the 3 turbans I ordered to be delivered in UK in time for my hushand to bring them back this week. Thank you so much for arranging that and now I have the turbans and I am so delighted with them all, they look and feel so good and so easy and can be dressed up with all sorts of scarves. Thank you for having this vision, creating something beautiful for us women who go through the process of loosing our hair during chemo treatment. I wore the violet turban to town yesterday for the first time and had lovely comments! With thanks and gratitude Inga Lane

Inga Lane – ASHA customer and friend (New Zealand)

ASHA Becomes Part of Alopecia UK’s Supplier Directory

We’re delighted to announce we have registered as a supplier on Alopecia UK’s website!


Our Visit to the Greater London Alopecia Support Group

What a fantastic experience I had visiting the Greater London support group for Alopecia!

As we have focused, to a large extent, upon hair loss as a result of chemotherapy side effects, I gained a humbling insight with regards to another scenario where the reality of ‘my hair is falling out….what is alopecia?….what next?’ becomes a reality. Indeed, one in every hundred in the UK will exhibit Alopecia symptoms experiencing either temporary hair loss, in the case of Alopecia Areata, or total hair loss in the form of Alopecia Totalis. Of course, there are many other types of Alopecia and although the spectrum of severity varies from person-to-person, all of those experiencing Alopecia face considerable challenges in terms of health and well-being.

I was honoured to provide the Greater London support group for Alopecia with information regarding ASHA and an opportunity to try on our turbans and headscarves.  The feedback regarding the style, quality and colours of our turbans and headscarves was extremely positive, as a stylish solution to hair loss, and our micro-encapsulated finishes were a source of great interest and intrigue. Another pleasing aspect was the constructive feedback regarding how we can possibly meet the sensibilities of those encountering Alopecia better rather than presuming an alignment with other hair loss scenarios such as undergoing chemotherapy treatment for Cancer.

Once again, we thank Julie and her support group for their kind invitation & hospitality.



ASHA to Visit London Alopecia Support Group

We’re delighted to have the opportunity to meet Julie and her Alopecia support group on Monday 4th of March. A full report to follow!



ASHA Customer Feedback Survey

Hello everyone!

We’re looking for feedback from all our wonderful ASHA customers who have purchased our ASHA turbans and headscarves online. The questionnaire is extremely short and, as a thank-you, we shall send a free ASHA silk headscarf to all survey respondents! How’s that for some Thursday afternoon excitement!!

Click here to take survey

Headstrong Services UK


Breast Cancer Care’s Headstrong service

We are delighted to provide information regarding Headstrong, a free service providing information and practical support to people who are experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatment.

Read more…

ASHA…..the journey so far!

Wow! It’s amazing how fast time flies! Four weeks ago it was T-minus 12 hours to performance & cocktails for the ASHA launch at The Caledonian Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Edinburgh. As you may have read from our ASHA community page, the event was a major success Read more…


James’s Tash

One of the ASHA team, James is growing an exceptional moustache for Movember and choosing to raise money for Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres which is fantastic….. Secretly he is loving his new facial hair (but I didn’t tell you that) Read more…

Clair’s Story

When I was told that I was going to lose my hair through chemotherapy treatment I must admit that I did panic and the first thing I did was get a wig that completely hid my face so that I was prepared. My hair was never my crowning glory but my wig reminded me of a haystack so I then proceeded on a journey to look for alternative head cover.  Read more…

ASHA Launch Review

After an exceptionally busy day of stage construction, gift bags, sound checks and speech preparations, spirits, as well as caffeine levels, were extremely high.  As the doors opened and the string quartet tuned up, a brief period of tension followed as we waited for our guests to arrive.  Slowly but surely guests began to arrive pursued, with much gusto, by the slick procession of delectable canapés and cocktails form our most hospitable hosts at The Caledonian Waldorf Astoria. And so the scene was set; light Friday night conversation, ambient strings and a keen sense of expectation filled the room.

Read more…

ASHA is launched.....

ASHA cake

A very lovely lady called Amelia Stott made us a cake for our launch on Friday, both the cake and the launch were a great success! If you ever need cakes and you are partial to a bit of sponge heaven please try www.ameliabespokecakes.co.uk the ASHA team (a little heavier than Friday) highly recommend her baking.

  • ASHA in the Metro
  • Metro close up
  • Metro coverage of ASHA.

ASHA in The Metro

Coverage of ASHA in the Metro on Friday 12th October 2012. Check out the gorgeous Kim modelling our Luscious Lilac turban and Amorous silk headscarf!

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